Chandigarh Weather

Chandigarh enjoys an extreme climate with hot summers (March to June) and chilly winters (November to February). The monsoon season, though pleasant in the evenings, is humid during the daytime. The best season to visit Chandigarh is autumn (August to November), when the weather is pleasant, neither too hot, nor too cold.

Summer season ( Max temperature between 35-40° C)

Chandigarh, being located in the plains of Northern India, has a moderate weather, just like any other North Indian City located in the plains. The summers which start from the month of May, do get pretty harsh by the late end of the month and in the whole of June, with temperatures inching down a few degrees in the month of July with the onset of Monsoon. The mercury can scale up to 45° centigrade which really makes the going tough and the education institutions are given a summer vacation in the months of May and June. This is the time when most of the city’s citizens head up towards the hill stations located in the vicinity of the city, like Kasauli and Shimla.

Monsoon Season (Max temperature between 28-35° C)

The monsoons arriving in the middle/late of July bring with them a great relief for the local citizens, which is at time short lived due to the increasing humidity. But after a fresh rainfall, the sight of the city is breath taking, with green trees and grass having being dusted of with a splash of water, a hint of cool air and the awesome view of the Shiwaliks from the Sukhna lake are the things to enjoy the most. By the end of August and till the mid of September, the monsoons have crossed their way over the city and then sets in the fall season, with moderate temperatures ranging between 25 – 30 Degrees Celsius and the mercury keeps on dipping lower with the onset of winters till November. The period of September till November. attracts most of the tourists to the city as the weather is there to be enjoyed by everyone, throughout the day. Maximum amount of rain received by the city of Chandigarh during monsoon season is 195.5 mm in a single day.

Winter season (Max temperature between 8-20° C)

With the start of winters in November, the city is lashed with some rainfall, which help in further reducing the already declining temperatures in the months of December, January and February.

By then end of November and the beginning of December it is winter time for the city people and mostly everyone stays indoors during early morning and at the night, venturing outside around noon. Another aspect of the North Indian winters is the FOG, which settles down almost as every other day by late evening and gets cleared by 10 AM the next day. Fog does create a major problem for commuting in and around the city, as it makes the driving conditions extremely dangerous and many at time the air and rail traffic are also affected by the fog.

All this ceases to occur by the end January and the spring season starts to kick in by late February. Spring calls in again the onset of moderate temperatures till the summers start to blast of their furry by the end of April.

Spring Season (Max temperature between 15-25° C)

The climate remains quite pleasant during the spring season (from mid-February to mid-March and then from mid-September to mid-October). Temperatures vary between (max) 16 °C to 25 °C and (min) 9 °C to 18 °C.

Autumn (Max temperature between 17-30° C)

In autumn (from Mid-March to April), the temperature may rise to a maximum of 36 °C. Temperatures usually remain between 17° to 20° Celsius in autumn. The minimum temperature is around 13 °C.

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