Delhi to Chandigarh by Train

Chandigarh has its own Railway station, which is a broad gauge railway station. Apart from this, there is also an international airport which is well connected to the cities of the country and abroad. This city is also well connected to the major cities of North India by roads.

Chandigarh is also connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Lucknow and Chennai by rail route. Regular trains run to Chandigarh from different cities of Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh railway station is located in Industrial Area 1, Darua, Chandigarh, 8 km from the city. The minimum time a train takes to reach Chandigarh from New Delhi is 3h 25m.

Train Time table form Delhi to Chandigarh

S. No. Source Destination Train Name Departure Arrival
1 Delhi(DLI) Chandigarh(CDG) HWH DLI KLK Mail 21:00 02:55
2 Delhi(DLI) Chandigarh(CDG) DLI KLK Passenger 15:20 23:50
3 Delhi(NDLS) Chandigarh(CDG) Kalka Shatabdi 07:40 11:05
4 Delhi(NZM) Chandigarh(CDG) Paschim Exp 10:03 15:57
5 Delhi(NZM) Chandigarh(CDG) SNSI KLK Superfast Exp 07:50 11:35
6 Delhi(NZM) Chandigarh(CDG) Sanpark Kanthi 11:50 15:45
7 Delhi(DEE) Chandigarh(CDG) CDG SUP Superfast 11:51 16:20
8 Delhi(NDLS) Chandigarh(CDG) NED AADR Superfast Exp 13:15 18:20
9 Delhi(NZM) Chandigarh(CDG) CDG Exp 00:13 06:45
10 Delhi(DEE) Chandigarh(CDG) Himalyan Queen 05:35 10:25

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