Chandigarh Getting there by Road

bus4Frequent buses ply from Chandigarh to Punjab, New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and even Rajasthan. One has a varied choice that includes deluxe VOLVO buses, luxury buses, ordinary buses and taxis, all of which are readily available. Delhi Chandigarh A/C Indica Car Rs 2500 only

Chandigarh New Delhi Bus services

Distance 250 Kms travel time 4.5-6 hours

The Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) is located in Sector 17 (City Center), Chandigarh. Chandigarh. Being a gateway to Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, there are a number of good hotels in Chandigarh. Chandigarh hotels are known for their cleanliness and good hospitality. From high end star hotels like the Taj Chandigarh, government owned hotels, hotel Mount view and hotel Shiwalik view, there are hotels catering to all categories: budget hotels, guest houses and motels.

Ordinary buses

There are always four to five buses ready at ISBT Chandigarh for departure to New Delhi all twenty four hours and vice versa. Most of the buses are of Haryana  Roadways followed by CTU, Himachal and Punjab Roadways.

Deluxe buses

Deluxe buses depart every half an hour from ISBT Chandigarh towards New Delhi ISBT and vice versa. The frequency is less from 00:00 to 05:00 hrs There is a a special deluxe counter at the bus stand catering to Delhi Chandigarh deluxe buses only.

Volvo / AC Buses

Delhi to Chandigarh Volvo and other A/C buses are operated by Haryana, CTU, Punjab, Himachal and Rajasthan roadways.

busclip2Punjab Roadways Volvo /Lexia A/C New Delhi to Chandigarh Buses

Air conditioned buses operated by punbus are equipped with PVC flooring , luxury seats, all way adjustable seats, mobile charging points on each seat , TV with DVD, audio system with microphone and speaker , GPRS,  carpet in the gangway. The crew of the bus has a white uniform. Book bus tickets online at Punbus Online
Punjab Roadways Bus enquiry phone numbers
Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2704023, 2606672, Delhi ISBT: 011-23867842 counters 22,23,24

Departure schedule / Timetable Delhi Chandigarh Delhi bus service

JourneyBus typeDept. TimeArr. TimeDurationFare
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo12:20 AM6:20 AM06:00 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo2:10 AM8:10 AM06:00 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo7:15 AM12:50 PM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo9:50 AM3:50 PM06:00 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhH.V.A.C, 3+2 Seater12:35 PM6:05 PM05:30 hrs329
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo1:20 PM7:20 PM06:00 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo1:40 PM7:15 PM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo2:40 PM8:15 PM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo5:25 PM11:00 PM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo5:40 PM11:15 PM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo10:45 PM4:20 AM05:35 hrs589
Delhi to ChandigarhH.V.A.C, 3+2 Seater11:45 PM5:15 AM05:30 hrs329
Delhi to ChandigarhVolvo11:55 PM5:30 AM05:35 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo7:40 AM12:40 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo8:10 AM1:10 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo8:40 AM1:40 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo9:25 AM2:35 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo11:35 AM4:35 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo1:40 PM6:40 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo4:20 PM9:20 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo4:35 PM9:35 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo5:50 PM10:50 PM05:00 hrs589
Chandigarh to DelhiVolvo9:00 PM2:00 AM05:00 hrs589

Himachal Roadways Volvo and TATA buses New Delhi to: Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali & Dharamshala

HRTC is operating Air Conditioned Volvo Buses ( 2X2 ) to Delhi from Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala. Theses buses are equipped with latest and comfortable facilities to the passengers. These buses reach Chandigarh after fours hours of departing from Shimla and five hours from departing from Delhi. Delhi Chandigarh A/C Indica Car Rs 2500 only

Himachal Roadways bus enquiry numbers

Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2722625, Delhi ISBT: 011-23868694, Shimla ISBT: 0177-2658765

Departure schedule / Timetable

Bus Type Boarding from Dept. Time Boarding from Dept. Time Fare (Rs.)
Volvo# Shimla 08.30 hrs Delhi* 08:30 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 08.30 hrs Delhi* 06:30 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 11.00 hrs Delhi* 09:25 hrs 680
TATA AC Shimla 20:00 hrs Delhi# 20:24 hrs 455
Volvo Shimla 21.00 hrs Delhi* 21:00 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 22.15 hrs Delhi* 22:00 hrs 680
Volvo Manali 16:00 hrs Delhi 20:26 hrs 930
TATA AC Manali 17:00 hrs Delhi# 20:25 hrs 705
Volvo Dharamshala 20:00 hrs Delhi 20:00 hrs 830
TATA AC Dharamshala 20:30 hrs Delhi 20:16 hrs 647
* : Himachal Bhawan Delhi, # : Run by HPTDC

Book tickets online at

Some of the above Volvo buses are run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC Transport) transport wing. There Bus Enquiry and reservation centres are:

Shimla: The Mall, Shimla -171001, Tel: (0177) 2652561, 2658302 Fax: (0177) 2652557
Manali: The Mall, Manali -175131, Tel: (01902) 253531, Fax: (01902) 252325

Delhi: Chanderlok Building 36, Janpath, New Delhi -110001. Tel: (011) 23325320, 23324764  Fax: (011) 23731072

Mumbai: Sales Agent M/s Trident Travel & Tours, 55, Arcadia Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021 Tel (022) 26841764 Fax (022) 2683829

Haryana Roadways Volvo bus service from Delhi to Chandigarh

busclipMost of the Haryana Roadways Volvo services have been extended upto IGI Airport Delhi. Passengers are given free bottles of mineral water, newspapers, magazines and juice on the way. Delhi Chandigarh A/C Indica Car Rs 2500 only

Haryana Roadways bus enquiry numbers

Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2704014, Delhi ISBT: 011-23861262 Gurgaon 0124-2320222

Departure schedule / Time table Volvo bus from ISBT Delhi to Chandigarh. Bus fare from Delhi IGI Airport to Chandigarh is Rs 680. The bus departs from IGI airport approximately 1 hour 30 minutes before the ISBT timings.

Buses depart from Chandigarh sector 17 bus stand platform No 11 and ISBT Delhi platform no 30. Book tickets online at Haryana Roadways Website

From ToDepart DelhiFrom ToDepart ChandigarhFare
Delhi Chandigarh1:00 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport12:05 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh1:40 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport1:00 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh2:40 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport2:40 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh5:00 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport4:30 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh5:30 AMChandigarh Delhi5:00 AMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh6:00 AMChandigarh Delhi5:30 AMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh6:30 AMChandigarh Delhi6:00 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh7:30 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport6:20 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh7:50 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport6:40 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh8:30 AMChandigarh Delhi7:20 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh9:05 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport9:00 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh10:20 AMChandigarh Delhi10:30 AMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh11:00 AMChandigarh Delhi11:00 AMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh11:30 AMChandigarh Delhi Airport11:50 AMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh12:00 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport12:10 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh12:15 PMChandigarh Delhi1:10 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh1:00 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport2:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh2:10 PMChandigarh Delhi2:20 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh3:00 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport2:40 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh3:50 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport3:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh4:10 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport4:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh4:30 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport5:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh5:00 PMChandigarh Delhi5:30 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh6:00 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport6:30 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh6:20 PMChandigarh Delhi7:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh7:10 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport8:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh7:30 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport8:30 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh9:25 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport9:30 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh10:25 PMChandigarh Delhi10:00 PMRs. 575
Delhi Chandigarh11:15 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport10:15 PMRs. 575
Delhi Airport Chandigarh11:30 PMChandigarh Delhi Airport11:15 PMRs. 575
Chandigarh Delhi Airport11:30 PMRs. 575

Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation (RSRTC) Jaipur Shimla sector

RSRTC deluxe and Air Conditioned services provide the best quality traveling condition available in the country.

Jaipur Shimla Super deluxe service travel time 15-16 hours fare rupees 686

Departure schedule / Timetable

Bus Type Boarding from Dept. Arrival at Arrival Time Fare (Rs.)
Super Deluxe Jaipur 20.00 hrs Shimla 01:30 Hrs 686
Super Deluxe Shimla 23:20 hrs Jaipur 16:45 Hrs 686

RSRTC Enquiry / contact numbers

Delhi (Deluxe & Volvo buses Bikaner House)

 011-23383469, 23386698, ISBT Delhi 011- 23861246

Control Room, Head Office, Jaipur (Opened for 24 hrs.) 0141-2374670, 2373044

aeroplaneChandigarh by air

Chandigarh city is connected to Delhi and Mumbai (daily) and other major towns and tourist circuits by flights of Indian Airlines and other private sector airlines. There is also a weekly flight to Leh from Chandigarh

Delhi Chandigarh by AC taxi

carclip4Taxi facility is also available between new Delhi and Chandigarh. The travel time is 4 to 5 hours only. The advantage of taxi service is that it is available as per your required date time and place. This service is a bit costly but more comfortable than bus services. If number of passengers are more then this service comes in your budget. AC tata Indica car is available for Rs 2500 only and AC Tavera is available for Rs 3000 only. read more

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  • traveller

    We are arving at Delhi domestic airport at 1030PM Can I get a volvo bus at domestic airport to Chandigharh What are the timings and What is the exact spot I can get the bus? Can I get teh ticket at the bus or can I book the ticket on line.

  • traveller

    I want to know volvo Bus from chandigarh to IGI airport.
    Is there any bus at afternoon from chandigarh to DElhi airport. I ve to be in IGI airport at 6.30pm. Please let me know the Fare of Volvo with Timing.


    • Travel Guru

      the volvo bus fare from Chandigarh to Delhi is Rs 425. Refer the main article for bus timings.

    • sanjiv

      I want to know volvo Bus from chandigarh to IGI airport.
      Is there any bus at afternoon from chandigarh to DElhi airport. I ve to be in IGI airport at 6.30pm. Please let me know the Fare of Volvo with Timing.


  • traveller

    what are the train timings and fare structure for delhi Chandigarh shatabdi express

    • Travel Guru

      Arrival and departure of trains at Chandigarh railway station

      Shatabadi Express Kalka-New Delhi 2006
      A : 0642 D : 0650 New Delhi : 1000

      Shatabadi Express New Delhi-Kalka 2005
      A : 2020 D : 2028 Kalka : 2115

      Jan Shatabadi Express New Delhi – Chandigarh 2057
      A : 1955 Chandigarh : 1955

      Jan Shatabadi Express Chandigarh – New Delhi 2058
      D : 1030 New Delhi : 1445

      Shatabadi Express New Delhi-Kalka 2011
      A : 1100 D : 1110 Kalka : 1200

      Shatabadi Express Kalka-New Delhi 2012
      A : 1811 D : 1820 New Delhi :2140

      The fare is Rs 430 and time taken is 3:20 hours

  • traveller

    what is the distance between chandigarh and delhi?

    • Travel Guru

      the distance is 250 kilometers and takes five hours by bus and four hours by car. The whole highway is four laned with two toll checkposts at Karnal and Zirakpur. The toll for car is around RS 100 one way

  • s ghimire

    we 6 persons are reaching to delhi nzm railway station on 1may 13.00pm we need to go to chandigarh same day how can we manage to reach from there? if you suggest by bus pls let us know about the place in delhi from where we can get the bus and the fare?

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    Can you tell me the details of bus timings from Karnal to Gurgaon?
    Volvo/Deluxe/AC/Non AC

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    hi , pls let me know the timing for both ordinary buses as well as delux with fare from chd to faridabad ,and if there is any bus from panchkula to faridabad as well ?/


    how we can book online tickets of volvo buses from delhi to chandigarh and vice-versa.

  • ravi kant


    is there any online booking facility for buses Delhi to chandigarh and vice versa?
    any procedure to book the ticket in advance without going to the bus stand ?
    the phone nos provided on the net are all time busy, else the picking frequency is too low.

    ravi kant

    • Travel Guru

      Whatever information I get is posted on the website. There is no online bus ticket booking for Delhi to Chandigarh buses. All buses are run by state transport departments only, the maximum bus are run by the Haryana roadways

  • vikas sharma

    i want to book ticket in volvo bus from chandigarh to manali.
    from where and how can i book my tickets ?

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    Hi travel guru,

    Please let me know the details of bus timings from Karnal to Gurgaon and gurgaon to Karnal with Fare? AC Volvo/ AC Deluxe.

    and Let me know how to book the ticket

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    i want to confirm from delhi to golden temple amritsar,if any volvo bus going there.if going there so what is the procedures of booking th ticket and timing,because i want to go in friday night

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    sir,i want to know whether the volvo bus services run on sundays …??????

  • mukul rawat

    can i book online tickets for volvo bus from delhi to chandigarh…. if yes the website to book tickets as well.. tnx

    • Travel Guru

      there is no online booking of volvo bus tickets from Delhi to Chandigarh as of now. all buses are run by star transport corporations

  • vivek

    My flight is landing at Delhi Airport (domestic) at 23:50 hrs and it will take another half an hour to move out of the airport. Please let me know the exact time of arrival of the Volvo bus to chandigarh at the domestic airport since I want to reach chandigarh the same night.

  • guest

    I wanted to know at what timings for the Haryana volvo that runs from Delhi ISBT to chandigarh. And also how long is the waiting queue and what is the fare. I need to board the volvo in early morning.

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    Can you tell me the details of bus timings from Chandigarh to Ghaziabad?
    Volvo/Deluxe/AC/Non AC

  • Pradip Kumar

    Dear Sir

    May please inform me detail timing , fare of Volvo/Delux/AC bus service from Chandigarh to Shimla everyday connecting Shatabdi express from Delhi (Departs at 7.40 am fro Delhi)
    Also plz let me know what will be best tour package for visiting Manali ,Kulu from Shimla and back to Delhi (duration 7days /6 nights).

  • Ess Dave

    There is no Indo Canadian Bus Service directly from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh. The passenger/s will be offloaded at Rajpura and the passenger/s will be picked up by their taxi service to take him/her/them to Chandigarh. The informaion on Internat is not spelled out correctly. This needs to be amended.

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    can u plz tell me that can i have bus( either ordinary or 2/2 volvo) by 11:00pm for chandigarh.

  • rahul dev

    I want to know volvo Bus from gurgaon to chandigarh in night time after 22:00 hrs
    and fare

  • vijay

    There is no Indo Canadian Bus Service directly from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh. The passenger/s will be offloaded at Rajpura and the passenger/s will be picked up by their taxi service to take him/her/them to Chandigarh. The informaion on Internat is not spelled out correctly. This needs to be amended.

  • Ashish

    how can we book online tickets for delhi -chnadigarh haryana roadways volvo buses??

  • Sam

    Chandigarh and Delhi are well connected with good state of roads and transport but this is stupid Administration who never thinks about comfort of passengers. There’s no online volvo booking for Punjab,Haryana and Himachal.If you want to travel by volvo you’ll have to go to Bus Terminal and get ticket booked for you. Nastyyyyyyyyyyy Really Shocking. I have seen people fighting for Volvo ticktes at Chandigarh and Delhi ISBT.

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    Can any one inform about direct volvo bus service timings from Delhi Airport to Chandigarh?

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    please tell me what is the boarding point near delhi domestic airport for the buses coming from gurgaon to delhi

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    Can you please that there is any Volvo in morning time from Delhi to Chandigarh

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    i am reaching igi delhi at 12:35 frm london and will be getting out of the airport by about 01:30 so are their any volvo bus services from igi itself to ambala or does the services to chandigarh stops at ambala and can u please send me the link for the timetables
    thank you

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    How can I get from (Kasauli, Kalka or Chandigarh) to Dharamshala – train, plane, bus or taxi? I would appreciate information about distances, timing, prices and road conditions. Grateful for any help I cam get. warm regards

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    i would like to know is there any bus service from delhi international airport to karnal bypass . my flight arrive 9 pm in side airport takes 1 hour is there any bus 10 pm or 11pm, on airport where the bus i can get how much rent

    pls let me know

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    can be some tell me any bus available from IGI airport to jalandhar.after 19.00.


    has on line reservation for volvo buses started by Haryana transport ,if started then what is the website to book a ticket

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    can you tell my the fare details of haryana roadways volov from ISBT delhi to chandigarh

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    can u please tell me from where should i catch the delhi to chandigarh buses…?
    and do any reservation is required….?
    or i can catch bus just after reaching stand…A/C VOLVO…??

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    dear sir i like to use hrtc bus service air condition international airport new delhi to nangal dam punjab where get bus and how get the ticket and what time table of buses thanks

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    I want to get a bus from IGI terminal 3 to Chandigarh. Are buses available from IGI terminal 3 to Chandigarh?? What is the last for buses??

    Please reply. Its urgent.

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